Thursday, 29 October 2015

Importance of internet marketing

Australia has more than 21 million internet users, representing 94% of the population, the second highest internet user rate after North America.

Like any entrepreneur or company owner, you wish to discover ways that result in more of these users purchasing your services or products.

You may be thinking about re-targeting and questioning whether or not it is worth it.

In essence, retargeting re-engages your previous website visitors by showing personalized ads to them, that are leading back to the items and pages they previously saw on your website, as they browse other websites.

Let's take a look at whether this marketing resource is your pal or your opponent.

Advantages of retargeting marketing:

Over 68% of marketing firms are moving marketing dollars to retargeting. The key reasons for this are:

1. Increased response rates

- Retargeting leads to a 400% increase in response rate for your ads.

- Leads who see retargeted screen ads are 70% more likely to buy.

2. Increased shopping cart conversion rates

- According to IBM, there is a 68% buying cart abandonment rate. Retargeting brings customers back to their abandoned buying carts.

- A Google blog site reported that United States Yankee Candle light Company used remarketing to re-engage shoppers and increased conversion rates by 600% while cutting their cost-per-conversion in half.

3. Increased brand recall

- Around 60% of customers state they notice ads about service or products they were recently shopping for.

- Each time a previous website visitor sees your ads, you enhance brand traction, bringing "window shoppers" back when they are ready to purchase.

- Companies have actually reported an increase in direct traffic to their sites since carrying out re-targeting projects by up to 100%. This shows that in addition to consumers returning to the website through the advertisement, it is likewise enhancing brand recall to a point where customers are returning straight to the site in typing in the URL.

4. Restored engagement

- There are numerous legitimate reasons visitors may have reached your site and deserted their buying cart or left before taking any action. Factors may include losing time, losing interest, a distraction, going to (following) another link etc. Retargeting actually reminds them about their preferences and tries to brings them back to your site.

5. Extremely well defined targeting

- Retargeting ads can be directly related to the particular items or pages a site visitor saw. For instance, visitor A saw dishwashers on your website whilst visitor B viewed cleaning machines. The ads that will be presented to each visitor will be spcified to the particular product they viewed.

6. Opportunity to offer a call to action to close the sale

- One particular business reported that within 18 months of executing their retargeting program, they had actually enhanced their repeat visitors by 50%, increased their conversion rates by 51%, and saw 300% more time invested on their website!

Downsides of retargeting

With all of the benefits gone over above, you may be questioning how retargeting might potentially be an enemy.

1. Some potential customer feel retargeting is creepy

- The big brother syndrome and online privacy issues are genuine. With current government agency leakages and numerous cases of online theft, we can understand why some may be worried.

2. Web Display Marketing

- 84% of 25-35 years olds leave websites that are greatly loaded with unsolicited ads. Without cautious planning, retargeting ads can be affected by this.

3. Expense

- Some businesses might be worried that marketing that appears on mainstream websites might be too costly.


Retargeting has actually accelerated its popularity with more and more site owners using this modern type of advertising. It is even more relevant because 90% of visitors to your website now understand and value retargeting, removing any perceived "creepiness".

If you look at it from a business angle, retargeting makes it possible for accurate targeting of potential consumers with an authentic, validated interest in your services and products.

In addition, retargeting advertisements only display to a company’s previous website visitor, not to every visitor to the website the ad appears on. Costs are for that reason significantly minimized and utilizing sophisticated analytics, every business can quickly determine their ROI.

Retargeting is therefore most certainly a buddy, not an opponent.  Also, there are many firms offering google adwords management Sydney strategies to maximize your ROI.

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