Wednesday, 2 December 2015

4 Great Tips for Ad Retargeting in Web Marketing

Ad retargeting as an online marketing solution
Did you know businesses that practice ad “retargeting” for their web marketing campaigns are more likely to convert a lead compared to similar businesses that don’t? Internet marketing experts and website design services sydney beg the difference to be well over 70 percent; a remarkable improvement, to say the least for businesses struggling with their conversion rates. However what exactly is ad retargeting and what are some of the best practices for implementing such a strategy? 
Now ad retargeting is exactly what is sounds like - re-engaging prospective customers with your ads based on a certain action in the past hoping that it ultimately results in a sale. Sounds simple enough but many businesses can go about it the wrong way. Read on for a few tips on how to best implement ad retargeting as an online marketing solution.
 A few tips for ad retargeting for digital marketing in Sydney by a web designer sydney
Get a good grasp on how ad retargeting works
Before you tackle ad retargeting for digital marketing in Sydney or web design sydney, you’ve got to understand what it is and how it actually works. First of all, its not quite as simple as repeatedly bombarding random people with ads hoping that some of them convert; that’s not what it is at all. Ad retargeting is basically redisplaying your ad to users that have done certain actions in the past that did not result in a sale. This includes visiting your website, putting a product or service “in the shopping cart” or perhaps a chat session with one of your sales representatives.
Ad retargeting is possible through internet “cookies” that basically allow you to follow your prospects online as they go about their online activities. As you might imagine, its a huge opportunity for businesses to focus their marketing efforts on people with a proven interest on their products or services.
Retargeting is not stalking
One common mistake that people make when implementing ad retargeting in their web marketing campaign is that they practically end up stalking people with their display ads. How would you feel when you’re being followed almost everywhere you go? The same thing can be said about seeing the same ad over and over again as you go about your personal business online.
Put yourself in the shoes of people that you are retargeting with your display ads and set a limit on how many times your ads get re-displayed on any given day.
Ad variety
Yet another common mistake that businesses make in retargeting is displaying the very same ad over and over again. This is about just as bad as displaying your ads too often and your prospects likely won’t care to tell the difference. Throw in some variety by introducing different versions of your ads; it can make a huge difference in terms of results. More importantly, its also a good opportunity to determine which of your display ads are getting better conversions.
Segment your audience
If you’ve ever been involved in a lead generation campaign then you’re probably familiar with the term “lead segmentation”. This basically involves sorting your leads based on certain conditions that triggered your campaign to include them as an audience. It’s certainly important as it allows you to paint a good picture about where your leads are in the sales cycle and who are the people closest to converting. Audiences who’ve had your products or services in the cart but didn’t proceed to the check out are more likely to convert with retargeting than an audience visiting your website for the very first time.
So there you have it - a few tips on ad retargeting. Going through all these things may not guarantee profitable results in your retargeting campaign but it will certainly put your business in the best position to accomplish just that. Visit us at and get all the professional help you need in effective web marketing!

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