Saturday, 19 December 2015

How Much Should You be Spending on Internet Marketing Companies in Australia

The ideal budget for hiring an online marketing firm

Are you looking to hire web marketing services Australia for less than $100? Chances are, you’d be sorely disappointed; reputable internet marketing companies won’t even give your business a second look and the ones that do won’t give you any meaningful results. How do we know? Well it’s simple - you’re offering a hundred dollars for results that are potentially worth thousands.

Now it’s not to say that you should be spending a fortune on your online marketing services Australia; just be realistic about it. If you don’t expect much out of online marketing then by all means proceed with a shoestring budget. A number of basic web pages, some ads and a business page on Facebook should porbably do it. At least you’d have some credibility if your customers decide to look you up online.

Are your goals a tad bit more ambitious than the situation described above? If so then you might want to rethink your budget especially when you’re talking to some of the best digital marketing services Sydney for the job.

How much is the services of a good web marketing specialist worth to you?

It’s a good question and one that anyone looking to hire a web marketing specialist should be asking themselves. While we won’t be quoting any exact figures, you can think of it this way - if for every $1000 that you spend on an internet marketing companies in Australia, you get back $10,000 in return. How many thousands of dollars would you be willing to spend?

In business, it’s good to be ambitious; it almost always pays off. You can easily expect the following out of a well-funded and well-implemented online marketing campaign:

  • Significant improvement in website traffic
  • Better lead generation and ample opportunities for generating revenues
  • Effective Branding (prospects are more likely to recognise your business after seeing or reading about it online).
  • Recognition as an authority or industry expert
  • Better conversions (turn visits, clicks and likes into an actual sale)

Of course we’re not saying that spending thousands of dollars practically guarantees the results; there are certainly some bad players out there and most of them will take you up on your shoestring budget. The bottom line is that you know just what to expect and how much those expectations are truly worth.

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